Personal Umbrella

Liability claims often exceed the basic limits afforded by an average home or auto policy.  These claims are covered by a personal umbrella liability policy.  Personal umbrella liability insurance provides individuals and families with higher limits of liability protection that is excess over any personal automobile, and other liability insurance. Just think of it as an extra layer of coverage, like an umbrella over everything.

Personal umbrella coverage is designed to cover claims that arise out of the activities of a personal or family nature; these types of policies do not cover professional or business activities. Personal umbrella policies are intended for catastrophe-type claims. Not all policies are exactly alike, but in general, the purpose of a personal umbrella policy is not only to provide million dollar excess limits, but to broaden basic liability protection.  To adequately protect the insured a personal umbrella policy will provide an additional amount of liability above the limits on the auto and home policy, but it will also provide coverage for some exposures that are not already covered on the insured’s underlying policy, and it will provide coverage for damages caused by slander, libel, defamation, detention, confinement, humiliation, invasion of privacy, wrongful entry and related allegations.

Personal umbrella liability is written with a minimum limit of liability of $1 Million, with higher limits available. The personal umbrella liability policy pays on behalf of the insured person the amount of damages for an occurrence (the accident) that results in the insured person’s obligation to pay for personal injury, or property damages.

If there is a covered liability claim under your auto or homeowners policy and the dollar amount of the judgment is greater than the coverage limits you have purchased on those policies, the umbrella provides the additional limits of coverage.

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